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MTS Gold Group businesses encompass 5 main lines- Precious Metals, Jewelry, Refining, Financial and Global Trading Solutions. Our activities span 70 years of experience and innovation of Gold products across the various asset classes.

Precious Metals

The MTS Group is a leading global precious metals provider. Established in 1952, MTS was the first company to offer gold and silver bullion trading to private individuals. Since then the company has grown by offering innovative and highly secure solutions for both physical and digital investments.

Gold Trading

Gold Mobile

Our team of investment experts can handle your order with a simple phone call.

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Gold Online

Trade at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. 24/5 real-time gold trading service at your fingertips.

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Physical Trading

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Clients can purchase a wide range of physical Precious Metals

Gold Blockchain

Gold Wallet

The first open digital gold trading platform in Thailand partnered with Krung Thai Bank via the “Pao Tang” application. Enabling investors to buy and sell gold with 99.99% purity, offering low margins and competitive exchange rates during trading hours of international markets.

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Gold Saving

Creates the opportunity to purchase a fraction of gold bullion. Start with as little as 150 Baht or 0.1 gram to build a portfolio investment.

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Accredited by Bank of Thailand


Providing liquidity and market-making expertise since 2010, in the area of Gold, Silver Base and Ferrous metals and Exchange-Traded markets. We work in direct capacity with many Global Exchanges, Tier 1 Investment and Bullion Banks to build up volumes on the Derivative and Loco London Spot markets.

Futures Trading
Innovative Platforms
Top Trader
CME Direct
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5


Established in Singapore, MTS Gold Global Trading is a subsidiary of MTS Group, who has built a formidable reputation for its ability to source and trade intraday commodity futures. 

Working closely with local brokers and exchanges to partake in market liquidity, we have quickly gained recognition internationally, and trust in the ASEAN region. We are strongly intertwined in the Global OTC and Derivative Precious, Base and Ferrous Metal markets, and provide much expertise for the global trading community.

Shanghai Gold Exchange

Electronic Trading

At MTS Gold Group, we are always careful about our clients’ investment security. Allowing you to invest in opportunities with our up-to-date security systems.

Trading Advisor

Decision making and putting an in order just got a Whole Lot Easier!

Physical Purchase and Collection

We are a worldwide establishment and deliver to you, wherever you are.

Hong Kong
Gold Exchange

Outstanding International Member Award Recipient


Since 2002, MTS Refinery has continuously done us proud at MTS Gold Group. With state of the art technology and modernisation of western and eastern techniques. We are able to refine and recycle scrap gold and offer clients highly purified 99.99% Gold. 


Transforming Precious Metals with perfection in the details


Details matter. That’s why our jewelry is only designed by some of the best craftsmen in the business who meticulously hand cut, polish and craft every piece individually to bring you the best in fine jewelry.

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As of December 2021

Pieces of Jewelry crafted in 96.5% Gold

As of December 2021

0 %
Pure gold


With more than 70th years in the industry, in Thailand our Tiered Umbrella brand is widely recognized by many gold retail shops. We specialize in providing a wide range of retail jewelry to our clients and provide both retail and wholesale services who are interested in our jewelry products.

Wholesale Outlet

Corporate Gold Solution

Planning a marketing campaign? Giving it away as a treat? We’ve got you covered! Customize pendants and bullion bars in any way you desire.

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Retailer Solution

We offer jewelry for Gold retailers at wholesale prices and offer buybacks from retailers at reasonable prices.

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Shop For Gold Online And Offline

Experience it in-person or have it delivered to your door!

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MTS Gold Group completes the Precious Metals market.

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